Your child can read.

Mental growth of a child is directly related to the physical growth of a child. The proof of physical growth is seen through creeping, crawling, sitting, standing, walking and then walking sans help.  Each of these milestones is external and it implies in turn the neurological  growth of the brain. The development of senses – good sense of smell, taste, sight, touch and breathing  facilitate the child’s learning experience of the world. The knowledge is first perceived through the sense organs then translated by the brain.  If we stimulate the child’s visual and auditory pathways simultaneously, the child could read well and early. The two essential sense organs for reading are ears and eyes.  The eyes see and the ears hear, yet it is the brain that translates the data. I.e; it is the brain that assimilates what is seen and heard to culminate a single idea.

So what is reading?

The perfect sync of the eyes, ears and the brain is called reading.

How can I teach my baby to read?

Dr. Glenn Doman developed and systematized the use of flash cards where the baby is flashed cards containing words of huge fonts that the baby can see clearly. Each word is called out loudly . Thus, the visual & auditory stimulation is achieved. This is a very simple and effective method.

When Can I Start?

Anytime after birth once the mother and the child is settled after the childbirth.

How is this done?

The video below is an expert explaining how to flash cards.

How to Flash cards for babies

This method is simple to start with a baby. Take 10 cards and pen down/ take a print out of words that use regularly with your child. .  Example : Eat, Bath, Bubbles, water, Milk, mom, dad, toy, bear, massage, brush, comb, pillow etc. Take 5 such cards and flash them for just 3 times a day. Use these 5 cards for 5 days shuffling them each time you show them. After 5 days, change the set retaining 2 old cards. Thus the baby is exposed to new words regularly. This keeps it interesting for her. Make more such words from the books you read to them. (Children need to be talked to continuously . I shall discuss on the same on another post)

We are pressed for time ….so how long does this take…. 5 cards x 1 second per card x 3 times = 15 seconds each day. is all that takes. To effectively deliver this, all you need to be is organized and have a plan in hand.

What kind of books can I read to my child?

Babies love watching known objects and people. It would be great to make your own personalized books made using pictures of her day to day activities, family relationships. (A sample is in this link below)

14 month Baby reads

Books that contain big & clear illustration with just a small sentence would keep their experience lively. (Sample of how babies enjoy reading are in the links below).

15 month Baby reading with mom

18 month Baby Reading -Quantum Physics for Babies with Dad

You can read about anything as long as you enjoy reading it, the baby shall enjoy the experience too. Once you are done, hug, appreciate your child as much as you can. You are transferring this love for knowledge to you child. It his this joy that that child wants to make it her own. So relax and enjoy your amazing journey. This journey that you undertake with your child shall astound you continuously.

Happy reading to you all.


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