Early Education…how early ?

All of us have often wondered what is all this gyan about early education. There is a lot of theory on What early education is and how it impacts the learning curve of children.As a mother and as a preschool educator, I’ve tried to keep myself  informed of some latest trends on early education.What I am about to share is a gist of what I comprehend and what I’ve experienced as a parent on the lines of early education.  To put it in simple words, early learning is what a child learns during the early years of his life. Children have a natural thirst for  knowledge.

Children have the capacity to learn anything that is presented to them in the right and factual way. This defies the concept of “Age Befitting knowledge”. For example, common “wisdom” says that phonics is too abstract for a 1-year-old. Multiplication is much too complicated for a 2-year-old. Algebra is much too difficult for a 5-year-old. But Early educators believe it has more to do with how it is taught than what is being taught.  Practically arguing on this point, we can see that our child’s source of knowledge about the world is no more controlled by these age appropriate rules. We have barely begun to comprehend technology that they are so proficient in handling. Let us consider their scope of knowledge they amass through programmes on T.Vs, games on  Ipads & Phones, Advertising Media – we can see that their capacity to comprehend a conversation/ concept is way ahead when compared to us as child about their age .

We are the generation who need to prepare our children for a different kind of future that projects unfathomable growth.  The way our parents’ imparted knowledge may not work with our children, we need to be adroit in how to keep up with the growing world for our growing up children. It is now an established scientific fact that the sooner the baby receives sensory stimulation and opportunity for mobility and language expression, the more likely that brain growth, development, and skills will be optimized. When we as parents understand how our child develops, we become the best teachers  our children will ever have. Best of all, this journey of knowledge brings parents and their children closer together, establishing a life-long bond of learning and love.

collage-2016-05-18 (1)

I dedicate this post to mothers around the globe. Mothers are the most creative people in the world. Our most prized possession is our child and what we make of them is the most beautiful exquisite piece of art. Mothers, YOU are creating something immensely valuable–you are carving a life, you are protecting a life.  A mother is the child’s first teacher. Sincerity, honesty, straightforwardness, courage, unselfishness, patience, endurance, perseverance, peace, calm, self-control are things that are taught infinitely better by example than by beautiful speeches. So the first thing one has to do, in order to be able to educate a child, is to educate oneself, to become conscious and master of oneself so that one never sets a bad example to one’s child. This step is initiated by the parents. When this is achieved, naturally the child has respect and admiration for his parents.

One common question

My child is very  playful while I read to him or try to teach a concept, is he really going to grasp so much?  Is he not really small ? And do they really know anything?

Scientific studies and our personal experiences have proved that little babies are extremely observant and adaptable. Haven’t we seen them use an object differently in a way we haven’t demonstrated to them? They are very adept in problem solving as they are not conditioned by the limitations as we know it. And their capacity to learn languages is very unperceivable. We have seen this in their capacity to reproduce words in languages  with the perfect tone and intonation in more than one language.



So to sum up,  a child can be exposed to early learning by:

  • Presenting your child to lots of interesting  and a variety of subjects in a gentle, playful way
  • Believing that the child is capable of learning and he wants to learn
  • Creating an environment that naturally helps your child learn, develop, and build foundational skills

I can say this with conviction that early education gives great joy, pleasure, pride and adventure in learning and discovering the varied beautiful, interesting and  engaging things together.


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